Uplo Visual Rebranding

Designer: Sim Onay

Client: Uplo

Agency: Duke Mir

Client: Uplo

In the vibrant realm of visual storytelling and brand metamorphosis, fam° stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation. Our latest endeavor, the rebranding of Uplo, stands testament to our unwavering commitment to artistic excellence and transformative design. This journey, rich with collaboration and creativity, began with the introduction of Uplo by the adept team at Duke Mir, who were instrumental in setting the stage for this grand undertaking. Their foresight and partnership were pivotal in aligning our creative paths, setting the foundation for a rebranding journey that was both exhilarating and profoundly rewarding.

Sim Onay, a talented designer we proudly represent, took the creative lead in redefining Uplo’s visual identity. Sim’s work encompassed the development of a new logo, an engaging logo animation, and the creation of visually stunning stationery. Furthermore, Sim designed captivating presentation and social media templates, as well as dynamic Zoom backgrounds, culminating in a comprehensive redesign of Uplo’s website. Each element crafted by Sim was imbued with artistic excellence, contributing significantly to a cohesive and appealing brand image for Uplo. Sim’s ability to translate Uplo’s brand essence into a visual language has set a new benchmark for design excellence within our studio’s portfolio.


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