Support to Life – Brochure Design

Designer: Cansu Bayrambey

Brand: Support to Life

Brochures are indispensable tools for NGOs, acting as ambassadors to convey their mission and impact. Cansu Bayrambey’s collaboration with Hayata Destek showcases the transformative power of well-crafted communication materials.

Cansu Bayrambey, a skilled designer, created interactive brochures for Hayata Destek that stand out through their visual storytelling. The collages in these brochures feature real photographs from the field, capturing the authentic narratives of Support to Life’s initiatives.

By incorporating Support to Life’s images, Cansu Bayrambey adds a layer of authenticity, creating a tangible connection between the audience and the NGO’s work. The brochures’ interactive design, with both sides functioning as posters, elevates them beyond information mediums to engaging experiences, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

In essence, this collaboration exemplifies how thoughtful design, authentic visuals, and interactivity can amplify the impact of NGO communication materials, ultimately inspiring positive change in the world.

Check out the full report here!

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