Nippon Paint – Communication Strategy and Experience Design for DecoMaster Art Academy

Client: Betek Paint

Agency: BU.iyi.iş

In developing the DecoMaster Art Academy for Nippon Paint, our studio, fam°, took the lead in crafting a comprehensive communication strategy that underscored the project’s innovative approach to art education. Central to our strategy was a detailed target audience analysis, which we achieved through an exhaustive series of interviews and research. Our efforts ensured that every communication touchpoint was thoughtfully designed to resonate with emerging artists, enticing them to explore the world of bold decorative designs with Nippon Paint’s effect paints.

To enrich the project further, we collaborated with Bu.iyi.iş, who brought their expertise to the interviews and the design of the user experience flow for the application process. Their insights were invaluable in creating an engaging and seamless experience for applicants, complementing our in-house efforts in communication strategy. This partnership allowed us to refine the program’s outreach and engagement strategies, ensuring a wide-reaching impact and high participant engagement levels.

Our holistic approach to the DecoMaster Art Academy’s development not only set the stage for a successful educational initiative but also highlighted our studio’s capability in blending strategic communication with effective experience design to create impactful educational programs.

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