Nippon Paint – Visual World Design for DecoMaster Art Academy

Artist: Ezgi Arslan

Agency: Bu.iyi.iş

Client: Betek Paint

Initiated by a collaboration between Bu.iyi.iş and Betek, Nippon Paint DecoMaster Art Academy represents a fusion of innovation and creativity in art education, aiming to equip artists with advanced decorative wall painting skills. Central to bringing this vision to life was Ezgi Arslan, whose exceptional talent in visual design defined the academy’s identity.

Ezgi’s transformative work spanned the academy’s visual aspects, including, branding, website design, social media visuals, and stationary, encapsulating its ethos in a visually compelling narrative. Her designs reflected Nippon Paint’s innovative spirit and inspired and attracted a new generation of artists, making his contribution a key factor in the program’s success and broad appeal.

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