Designers: fam°

Sponsor: Asus

Communication Agency: Salvo

Our new exhibition game Ozmoz is online!

You can visit famstore.co/en/ozmoz or

download iOS app to play: https://apple.co/37xAOJz

download Google Play app to play: https://bit.ly/2DToDfZ

Designed in partnership with ASUS and ROG for the anniversary of our illustration gallery famstore°, Ozmoz (Osmosis) features the work of 23 artists.

Ozmoz, is a brand-new interactive exhibition experience that transfers you from the world of illustration to the world of gaming. It is an audiovisual labyrinth where 23 illustrations from famstore°s new collection are turned into 3D rooms. Participants must discover a way out from each room while exploring the colourful worlds that they enter.

This technically and creatively challenging project emerged from our contemplations on how we can reflect the culture of illustration in a way that challenges our visual perceptions. Ozmoz aims to revive/restore the feeling of enchantment we get from a profound engagement with art, using the contemporary tools of our age.


Crystal Apple, Visual Communication Design: Digital Solutions, 2022

Crystal Apple, Experience Design: Digital Installation and Event Design, 2022

Bronze Apple, Media Usage: Innovative Tech & Digital Media, 2022

Felis Award: Touchpoint Technology Usage, 2022

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