Uplo – Website Design

Agency: Duke + Mir

Client: Uplo

At fam°, we take enormous pride in the art of visual transformation and creative reinvention. We are excited to share the incredible journey of our rebranding project for Uplo, a project that has been months in the making.

Our journey began when the talented team at Duke Mir introduced us to Uplo, a client who was seeking a fresh and exciting new identity. We couldn’t have been more thrilled to partner with Duke Mir, who played a crucial role in bringing Uplo to our doorstep and leading the rebranding process.

We embarked on a transformative journey for Uplo, focusing on creating an immersive user experience and structuring a website that reflects Uplo’s innovative spirit. Our studio was instrumental in designing an intuitive website flow and an interactive section named “Uplo Lab”, which allows users to engage with Uplo’s offerings in a playful yet professional manner. The collaborative effort with Duke Mir was pivotal, and together we ensured that every touchpoint within Uplo’s digital presence was thoughtfully crafted to enhance user interactions and engagement. Our dedication to detail and innovation was paramount, ensuring that Uplo’s new identity would resonate well with its audience and stand out in the digital landscape.


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