Atasay – Campaigns Visuals Design

Designer: Hande Koçhan

Brand: Atasay

Agency: TBWA

Hande Koçhan designed a sparkling visual world for jewellery company Atasay’s new year campaign “Shine with Atasay” 🎄

In the Atasay project, Hande ventured beyond her customary artistic boundaries to craft a series of illustrations that encapsulate the enchanting essence of Atasay’s jewelry designs. Although diverging from her usual style, Hande’s adeptness at creating magical realms and intricate details shone through, proving pivotal in weaving the narrative of this campaign. She ingeniously used jewels and gemstones as metaphors for the diverse worlds Atasay’s pieces inhabit, portraying them as markers of beauty and craftsmanship.

Each illustration by Hande transformed into a vibrant, living tapestry through the animation expertise of Baran Baran, renowned as one of Türkiye’s leading animators. Their collaborative synergy birthed a visual spectacle that not only elevated the New Year campaign but also left a lasting impression, with the imagery continuing to be celebrated and utilized long after its initial release. Hande’s ability to generate immersive moods and detailed settings, coupled with Baran Baran’s animation prowess, resulted in a timeless visual narrative that beautifully mirrors the timeless elegance of Atasay’s jewelry, making this project a benchmark in creative advertising.

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