TAYSAD Communication Strategy

Client: TAYSAD

Agency: Arbor Impact

In collaboration with the Vehicle Supply Manufacturers Association (TAYSAD), our team at fam° was tasked with crafting a powerful message to spearhead their latest initiative aimed at fostering equality and diversity within the automotive industry. The result was the conception of the compelling slogan “fırsatı eşitle yeniliği çeşitle,” which translates to “level the opportunity, diversify the innovation.”

Our role extended beyond merely devising the slogan; we immersed ourselves in understanding the challenges and aspirations of the industry to ensure that the motto resonated with TAYSAD’s mission and the broader community it serves. This slogan is not just a call to action but a reflection of a commitment to reshaping the industry landscape into a more inclusive, equitable, and dynamic arena.

Through this partnership, we are proud to contribute to a movement that champions equality and diversity as essential drivers of innovation and progress.

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