Supersense – Brand Illustrations

Artist: Neda Mamo

Client: Supersense

Neda Mamo designed the new visual identity of the AI scanning app for the visually impaired: Supersense, but how does one design a visual world for the visually impaired?

Supersense came to us to collaborate on rebranding their visual identity. We were confused about the target audience first, but they quickly reminded us that blindness is not a singular experience; it has different types and degrees.

This fact made it clear that designing visuals for the app required additional research on the diversity within the experiences of the visually impaired. Each text, pattern and composition had to be designed with additional awareness of the contrast of colors in order to be understandable.

We agreed together that Neda, with her colorful and dynamic style, was the perfect creative to take on this job. Neda was meticulous in her research and creative process, and her designs ended up being both stunning and inclusive.

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