From the Field

Curator: fam°

Lena Yokoyama
Maya Kurdoğlu
Vicki Turner Dallyn

Date: 7 – 27 April

Space: İstanbul Design Museum, fam°s gallery No:93

Sponsored by: British Council Creative Collaborations Grant Programme

Project Assistant: Musa Can Durmaz

Uk Partner: Grand Matter

Supporters: Support to Life, Choose Love

Editors: Sarah Jilani, Gülsu Tuncay Erol

Booklet Design: Musa Can Durmaz

Visual Communications Design: Nazlı Çelebi

Exhibition Setup: Sergikur

Paint Solution Partner: Nippon Paint

From the Field: Beyond the Headlines

In a world inundated with information, our responses are rooted in the challenge of finding nuanced connections with stories beyond our immediate awareness. “From the Field” is an exhibition crafted to slow down our gaze toward stories from other geographies and to think of these stories not as distant separate chronicles but as unique narratives that contribute to the diverse yet holistic tapestry of human experience. The exhibition invites us to engage with these narratives through the lens of compassionate creativity, fostering a space for thoughtful reflection and recognizing our collective narrative as a global society.

Funded by the British Council Creative Collaborations Grant, “From the Field” is a collaborative exhibition curated by fam° in partnership with UK-based agency Grand Matter, bringing together four artists: Maya Kurdoğlu and Nurbanu Asena from fam°, and Vicki Turner and Lena Yokoyama from Grand Matter. These artists embark on a journey to relate to stories gathered from the field by nongovernmental organizations working in challenging contexts across diverse geographies. Artists from Türkiye have selected stories gathered by HOPe and Women Now, research partners of Choose Love, a UK-based nongovernmental organization, while artists from the UK have chosen stories resonating with them, gathered from the field by the Türkiye-based nongovernmental organization Support to Life. The stories collected, however, transcend these geographic boundaries, reflecting the global nature of humanitarian work conducted by these nongovernmental organizations.

The artworks featured in “From the Field” are the result of a deliberate, slowed gaze. Each piece poses and explores a pivotal question: What do we lose in our connections with one another through the velocity and expanses that define our current world, and what profound insights can we gain by resisting this rapidity and the constraints of geographical divides?

Upon exiting the exhibition, a subtle invitation lingers – encouraging a newfound awareness of revisiting how we approach stories from other geographies, drawing inspiration from the diverse implementations of compassionate creativity witnessed within the exhibition. This experience aims to enrich our understanding of the world, prompting us to reflect on the importance of compassion, connection, and the shared human experience.

Behind the Scenes of From the Field Exhibition

We invite you to participate in an online dialogue featuring the artists and collaborators from “From the Field.” This session offers a reflective exploration of the creative and intellectual processes underpinning the exhibition. Engage with us in a thoughtful discourse on the confluence of art, narrative, and cultural inquiry.

Meeting Link:

Join us for a profound conversation on inclusivity and diversity in the illustration sector, as we collaborate with Grand Matter on April 25th for a Zoom session that promises to enrich our perspectives. Founded with a vision of nurturing distinctive talent across various creative disciplines, Grand Matter, a London-based agency led by female visionaries, has been at the forefront of championing meaningful creativity since 2017. With an impressive portfolio that includes collaborations with giants like Apple, The New York Times, Adidas, and BBC, Grand Matter has continuously pushed the boundaries of artistic expression while supporting their artists and clients wholeheartedly. At fam°, our mission aligns deeply with these values, as we were established with the purpose of fostering inclusivity and gender diversity within Turkey’s illustration sector. This event is not just a dialogue; it’s a bridge between cultures and creative philosophies, aimed at encouraging exploration and meaningful creativity in our global artistic community. Let’s come together to share, learn, and inspire a more inclusive and diverse future in illustration. Mark your calendars for April 25th and stay tuned for more details

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