Nova Norda – Lyric Video

Illustrator: Eylül Deniz Ergun

Motion Design: Maya Kurdoğlu

Musician: Nova Norda

The lyric video animations for Nova Norda’s first album, “Paralel Evren’de Dünya Tarihi,” are created by fam°. Each of the lyric videos, which we designed and produced, explores the stories of various cultures and events from our history in a parallel universe.

For the song “Yüreğim Ellerinde”, Eylül Deniz Ergun infused her signature style with elements of ancient Egyptian art, depicting a figure from the past consumed by her love for an evil god.

Maya Kurdoğlu collaborated with Eylül Deniz Ergun to bring the world of “Yüreğim Ellerinde” to life.

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