Uyan Anadolu Animation

Illustrations: Ozan Atalay

Animation: Batu Akyıldız

Project Owner: Ayşe Boyner, Elif Boyner, Dilan Yıldırım and Tuncay Korkmaz

An’dan İçeri ve Nani Nani Çocuklar OrkestrasıSöz-Müzik-Sazlar: Tuncay KorkmazPerküsyon: Barkın ÇoruhKoro: Eren Koç, Saar Keunen, Dilan Yıldırım, Filiz Telek, Emine Boyner, Asu Sömer, SümeyraUğur Çocuk Koro: Aynı Çemberin İçinde Nisan Kampı çocukları ve Umay Korkmaz, Şira Kürşat, Zeyno Talun

We made the animation of the song Uyan Anadolu (Wake Up Anatolia)! For the music animation video “Uyan Anadolu (Wake Up Anatolia),” we embarked on a visual journey that encapsulates the spirit and heritage of Anatolia. The video commences with a dramatic scene of the earth cracking open, a powerful depiction of nature’s formidable force. Yet, this seeming destruction quickly gives way to a burgeoning of life around the fissures, symbolizing the onset of a profound awakening.

As the narrative unfolds, the iconic figure of Barış Manço emerges, serving as a spiritual guide promising a brighter future for the region’s localities. His silhouette against the starlit sky marks the beginning of an enchanting voyage through time and space, led by the revered Yunus Emre. This journey takes us through the heart of Anatolia, visiting quaint villages where the warmth of local hospitality shines brightly.

The animation, enriched by Ozan’s creative genius, blends traditional Anatolian motifs with psychedelic elements, creating a mesmerizing tapestry that brings the music’s magical storytelling to life. As night descends, a hopeful scene unfolds with children planting seeds under the watchful gaze of the national leader, Atatürk, symbolizing the sowing of new beginnings. Communities come together in anticipation of Anatolia’s reawakening, united in hope and solidarity.

The climax of this visual masterpiece is marked by the majestic appearance of the Goddess of Fertility, Ephesian Artemis, in the sky. Her presence bestows fertility and life, culminating the video in a celebration of renewal and the enduring spirit of Anatolia. This animation not only pays homage to the rich cultural tapestry of the region but also weaves a narrative of resilience, unity, and the promise of a new dawn.

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