Duygu Soylu – Lyric Video – Buralar Dar Geliyor

Designer: Selva Kaya

Motion Designer: Maya Kurdoğlu

Client: Duygu Soylu

For Duygu Soylu’s latest song, “Buralar Dar Geliyor” (These Places Feel Narrow), we’ve crafted a mesmerizing lyric video that delves into the theme of spaces becoming small and exhausting over time. The visual narrative unfolds against the backdrop of Istanbul’s diverse sceneries, featuring bustling streets, the vast sea teeming with creatures and ferries, and the intimate interior of a house.

In this captivating collage animation, the scenes progressively intensify as objects begin to move and converge at the center, symbolizing a collapse within themselves. The visual journey mirrors the sentiments expressed in the lyrics, conveying a sense of constriction and weariness.

The creative genius behind the impressive collage design is Selva Kaya, who skillfully weaved together the various elements to evoke the intended emotional impact. Complementing the visuals is the dynamic motion design crafted by Maya Kurdoğlu, adding an extra layer of depth and symbolism to the video.

As the animation reaches its climax, a poignant transformation takes place.Colors emerge from the cracks, serving as a powerful symbol of hope and joy amid the perceived claustrophobia. This uplifting finale signifies a glimmer of positivity amidst the emotional turmoil depicted throughout the video.

AnimationIn “Buralar Dar Geliyor,” every detail, from the animated collages to the dynamic motion design, contributes to the overarching theme of spaces feeling narrow and the eventual emergence of hope. The collaboration between Selva Kaya and Maya Kurdoğlu has resulted in a visually striking and emotionally resonant lyric video that complements the lyrical depth of Duygu Soylu’s song.

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