Atöyle Asus – Experience&Website Design

Client: Asus

Agency: Salvo Ajans

As fam°, our collaboration with ATÖLYE Asus and SALVO resulted in the comprehensive design and development of ATÖLYE Asus’ website, alongside the orchestration of its premier competition. Understanding ATÖLYE Asus as a platform dedicated to supporting designers and artists by the tech giant Asus, we were committed to embodying this ethos in every aspect of our work. The competition’s theme, “Exceeding Borders,” was meticulously chosen to reflect the limitless possibilities in design and art, encouraging participants to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

Our role was extensive and multifaceted; we were responsible for conceiving the competition’s concept and name, ensuring they resonated with the platform’s mission to empower the creative community. The customer journey was intricately mapped out to provide a seamless and engaging experience, from initial awareness to final submission. The website’s architecture was crafted to not only facilitate easy navigation but also to inspire participants with its aesthetic and functional design.

We developed comprehensive guidelines, including all participation conditions and contest evaluation criteria, to maintain transparency and fairness in the competition process. An extensive FAQ section was also created to address potential queries, providing participants with the support they needed to focus on their creative submissions.

Every touchpoint of the project, from the contest participation experience to the detailed website journeys, was designed with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring a cohesive and immersive experience that reflected the innovative spirit of ATÖLYE Asus. Our work exemplifies fam°’s dedication to creating platforms that not only showcase talent but also foster an environment where artists and designers can thrive, transcending traditional boundaries in the process

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