İPA Magazine – Illustration

Designer: Dilara Akbal

Client: IPA Magazine

Illustration of the İstanbul Planning Agency’s 7th magazine is by Dilara Akbal! The title is “Gezi Since 2013,” representing the Gezi Protests that took place in 2013 and all the changes it has triggered since then.

Dilara Akbal’s cover image for İPA magazine’s “From Gezi to the Future: The Threshold of Local Democracy Initiatives” captures a bustling scene of unity and action. The artwork is a vivid tableau of life, with a diverse mix of characters, animals, and flora, all intricately detailed and set against a backdrop that pulses with the rhythm of communal life and solidarity.

The cover features a spirited assembly, echoing the collective energy of the Gezi Park protests—a significant event for grassroots democratic movements. Figures are depicted mid-movement, brandishing flags, emblematic of activism and the strength found in diversity. Amidst this gathering, nature’s resilience is symbolized through the verdant greenery, a testament to life’s persistence in the face of societal upheaval.

This cover is more than an introduction to the magazine’s content; it is a powerful visual metaphor for civic participation and collective efforts in carving the path for the future of local democracy, resonating with the enduring impact of Gezi Park on urban and ecological activism.

Notice those dark ghosts lurking behind the trees? They think they’re sneaky, but we’ve learned to just roll our eyes at and ignore. Not today, specters, we’re too busy thriving.”

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