Nova Norda x fam° Lyric Videos

fam° and Nova Norda proudly presents!

Nova Norda’s new debut album’s new lyric animation videos are created by fam°.

We designed and produced the content of the videos that tell the parallel universe stories of various cultures and events in our history.  

Maya Kurdoğlu animated all of the videos and a different artists designed the visual worlds of the songs. 

“Peşindeyim Kendimin” illustrations by Dünya Atay 

“Yüreğim Ellerinde” illustrations by Eylül Deniz Ergun 

“Bela” illustrations by Ozan Atalay

“Sarhoşsun Dünya” illustrations by Sim Onay

“Pelin” illustrations by Hande Koçhan

 There is one last surprise, stay tuned!

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