fam° x Uplo x Sim Onay

At fam°, we take immense pride in the art of visual transformation and creative reinvention. Today, we are excited to share the incredible journey of our recent rebranding project for Uplo, a project that has been months in the making.

Our journey began when the talented team at Duke + Mir introduced us to Uplo, a client who was seeking a fresh and exciting new identity. We couldn’t have been more thrilled to partner with Duke + Mir, who played a crucial role in bringing Uplo to our doorstep and leading the rebranding process.

For this project, we collaborated with the exceptionally gifted designer Sim Onay, who we proudly represent. Sim took the helm in crafting the entire visual universe that now defines Uplo. From a captivating new logo to an engaging logo animation, meticulously designed stationery, stunning presentation and social media templates, eye-catching Zoom backgrounds, and a fully redesigned website – Sim’s artistic brilliance shines through in every aspect.


Throughout our journey of rebranding Uplo, while Sim Onay was shaping the visual world, our dedication was unwavering in ensuring the best possible user experience for Uplo’s new website. We meticulously crafted a fresh and playful interface, thoughtfully infusing elements that reflected Uplo’s professionalism and expertise.

Our commitment extended to the very structure of the website. We designed a new, intuitive flow that facilitated seamless interactions, engaging visitors at every turn. To further enhance the user experience and to add a touch of playfulness, we introduced the “Uplo Lab,” an interactive blog space where users could explore and engage with Uplo’s offerings in a dynamic and innovative manner.

The result was a harmonious and vibrant website interface that not only showcased Uplo’s character but also exemplified our dedication to delivering excellence.


Sim collaborated with Cem Güney for logo animations. 

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