fam° and Nova Norda proudly presents! Nova Norda’s new debut album’s new lyric animation videos are created by fam°. We designed and produced the content of the videos that tell the parallel universe stories of various cultures and events in our history.   Maya Kurdoğlu animated all of the videos and a different artists designed the […]

Neda Mamo illustrated the cover of ATÖLYE’s new Medium article that tells the creation story of Perspective Istanbul, a special creative experiences program designed and organized by Today at Apple and ATÖLYE.  Neda Mamo represented  İstanbul’s dynamic diversity and the multiplicity of creative practices with her vibrant characters, colorful neighborhoods an

As fam°, we designed ATÖLYE Asus’ website and the experience of its first competition in collaboration with SALVO. We have determined the concept of the competition as “Exceeding Borders”. We  designed multiple touchpoints of the project, including participation conditions, contest evaluation criteria, contest participation experience, website journeys.

Ezgi Arslan illustrated ATÖLYE’s Co-Founder Engin Ayaz’s Medium article “The Future of Collaboration in Coworking Spaces”. Ezgi portrayed the diverse, fluid, and impact-focused world of ATÖLYE’s community that is based on interactions, connections, and collaborations instead of physical spaces.

This year Beymen’s magical new year world is designed by Hande Koçhan 🎄 Hande’s designs depicts “Unboxing” theme where Dreams, Love, Hope, Joy, and Luck start a journey to enter our lives in 2022 🎁 Don’t forget to check out the animated version: https://lnkd.in/dnSbG2kV

Tutku’s work for ATÖLYE Academy’s new medium article illustrates the process of designing Human-Oriented Design Cards, a helpful tool to introduce and streamline human-centered design processes. The work is inspired by the diamond shape of design process and the journey of discovery during it.This article is currently only in Turkish.

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