Cansu Bayrambey has brilliantly crafted two vibrant brochures for NGO Support to Life. The covers of these brochures feature captivating collage posters, composed of authentic field photographs. Upon unfolding, both sides transform into informative infographics, providing a visual narrative that delineates the diverse areas where Support to Life operates.

We had the privilege of creating Uplo’s annual report. Sim Onay who did the visual branding of Uplo designed the first annual with the new brand elements. Dive into eCommerce across the Middle East and how UAE’s retail leaders tackle online retail’s challenges and opportunities. Stay tuned for a glimpse into this dynamic world! Check […]

At fam°, we take immense pride in the art of visual transformation and creative reinvention. Today, we are excited to share the incredible journey of our recent rebranding project for Uplo, a project that has been months in the making. Our journey began when the talented team at Duke + Mir introduced us to Uplo, […]

We are delighted to announce the completion of the first phase of another communication strategy project we have been diligently working on. Nippon Paint’s innovative educational initiative, DecoMaster Art Academy, is dedicated to nurturing emerging artists capable of crafting bold decorative designs using Nippon Paint’s effect paints. The first round of education was completed last [&

Maya Kurdoğlu designed jazz musician Engin Özşahin’s new album, Conversations in Chaos.The album is the product of a series of live performances by six musicians who take the challenge of connecting through their differences, establishing a middle ground of aesthetics with musical conversations founded upon ethics of tolerance.Maya based the album’s design on this vision […]   Love, not Violence! The illustrations of Bade’s new song “Evde Yok” (Not At Home) lyric video were created by Dilara Akbal and animated by Mert Bilgin. Dilara combined different colors and patterns with her unique characters to create a visual world where everyone can freely exist with their differences.

Neda Mamo designed the cover art and in text-visuals of the new article of Tim Brown, co-chair of the world-renowned design firm Ideo. The article, which is about the future of design, describes Neol’s – a platform for creative leaders in business and creativity – pioneering and unique values. Neda visualized each value as a […]

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