Nazlı Çelebi’s Animation Video for Sertab Erener’s song “Aç Sesini” from famajans on Vimeo. Nazlı Çelebi’s animation video for Sertab Erener’s song “Aç Sesini” reminds us that our inner power grows when we unite through revealing our connection with the wild nature!

How is the new normal making us question our old perspectives? What kind of new points of view did we gain after the pandemic? Eylül Deniz Ergun’s illustration plays with the new angles of how we see the new world order for the article of ATÖLYE that discusses the steps businesses can take to create […]

It takes certain craftsmanship to successfully complete an origami in one shot. Usually making origami is a try and fail process. Especially if people are collaborating it becomes a creative learning process for all. ATÖLYE’s new educational platform Akademi aims for such collaborative and experimental collaborations. Ece Ağırtmış illustrates the article where these collaborations are [&hel

How did remote working practices change in the Covid-19 process? What kind of an environment does remote working generate? What is a digital office anyway? The details of these questions are inside Uğur Altun’s illustration made for ATÖLYE’s Medium article about going remote. Welcome to the world where screens are met with plants, where files […]

What will the world be like after Covid-19? Selin Tahtakılıç’s illustrated the predictions of  ATÖLYE’s co-founder Engin Ayaz regarding the post-Covid-19 world. Selin invites us to imagine a world where the fish of Venice are back, where neighbourhoods regain importance, where we reconnect with nature and each household is connected through digital platforms.

The artwork series curated for Metex Studio Erk Architecture Studio includes custom artworks by Tutku Sevinç and Elif Demir. Sevinç’s 3 acrylic-based works are inspired by the dynamics of urban-suburban and rural sceneries whereas Demir’s works focus on perspective landscapes through a minimal architectural style.

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