From the Field

From the Field Curator: fam° Artists: Lena YokoyamaMaya KurdoğluVicki Turner Dallyn Date: 7 – 27 April Space: İstanbul Design Museum, fam°s gallery No:93 Sponsored by: British Council Creative Collaborations Grant Programme Project Assistant: Musa Can Durmaz Uk Partner: Grand Matter Supporters: Support to Life, Choose Love Editors: Sarah Jilani, Gülsu Tuncay Erol Booklet Design: Musa

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Pulse Curator: fam° Artists: Bıyıkof, Cansu Bayrambey, Dünya Atay, Ece Ağırtmış, Eda Çağıl Çağlarırmak, Elif dDemir, Eylül Ergun, GÜnseli Sepici, hande Koçhan, Kafaless, Maya Kurdoğlu, Melih Çebi, meltem Şahin, Ozan Atalay, Selin Tahtakılıç, Tutku Sevinç, Uğur Altun, Yaren Yavuz Date: 9 January – 15 January 2020 Space: The Circle Pulse exhibition brings together limited edition

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Stop Designers: fam° STOP exhibition was designed as a relaxing opportunity within a collection exhibition space during Istanbul Comics and Arts Festival where each participant artist/collective was given a space within an old historical building. Thinking that these tend to tire its visitors, we turned our space into a living room where visitors can

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Ozmoz Designers: fam° Sponsor: Asus Communication Agency: Salvo Our new exhibition game Ozmoz is online! You can visit or download iOS app to play: download Google Play app to play: Designed in partnership with ASUS and ROG for the anniversary of our illustration gallery famstore°, Ozmoz (Osmosis) features the work of 23

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Atasay – Campaign Visuals Design

Atasay – Campaigns Visuals Design Designer: Hande Koçhan Brand: Atasay Agency: TBWA Hande Koçhan designed a sparkling visual world for jewellery company Atasay’s new year campaign “Shine with Atasay” 🎄 In the Atasay project, Hande ventured beyond her customary artistic boundaries to craft a series of illustrations that encapsulate the enchanting essence of Atasay’s jewelry

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Support to Life – Brochure Design

Support to Life – Brochure Design Designer: Cansu Bayrambey Brand: Support to Life Brochures are indispensable tools for NGOs, acting as ambassadors to convey their mission and impact. Cansu Bayrambey’s collaboration with Hayata Destek showcases the transformative power of well-crafted communication materials. Cansu Bayrambey, a skilled designer, created interactive brochures for Hayata Destek that stand

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